How to Change IPv4 DNS Settings on a MAC

If your ISP is having issues with its DNS service, changing your MAC’s DNS settings to OpenDNS OR Google Public DNS could give you a stronger connection to Redtail.

To learn more about OpenDNS please CLICK HERE.

To learn more about Google Public DNS please CLICK HERE.


First, Open the System Preferences. (You can easily search for this at the top right of the screen)

Select “Network” from the System Preferences.changing_DNS_ipv4_config.png


Select your connected network in the left side panel.

Then, select “Advanced” at the bottom right of the window.



Choose the “DNS” tab.

Now enter the settings for OpenDNS OR Google Public DNS within the “DNS Servers” section.



NOTE: The order of IP addresses, from top to bottom, will determine the order of connection.

It is best practice to also complete a DNS Flush after changing these DNS settings. For instructions on a DNS Flush for a MAC, please CLICK HERE.

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