Reassigning Activities for Disabled Users

When a user is disabled it is possible for either past due or upcoming tasks assigned to that now disabled user to still be lingering out there in the CRM. There is a way we can quickly instruct our active users on how to reassign those open activities all at once without having to enable the now disabled user’s access to the CRM.


First, have the user head over to the Reports section and then under Activity Reports have them select “Activities by Contact”.



Once there, have the user select “Filter” on the upper right-hand side.



You can now have the user set the date range to put up any possible past due and upcoming activities. They can also use any other filter as they see fit.



The most important filter you are going to want to point out is the Activity Attendees filter at the bottom. This feature allows you to choose users from the Disabled user list.



Once the user made their filter selections, have them click "Apply Filters" at the bottom to see their results.

From here, you will notice checkmark boxes to the left of each activity. The user will then be able to select either all activities or just certain ones to perform an Activity Options bulk change.



Once the user has made their selections, have them go to the "Activity Options" dropdown in the top right next to the Filter button. This Activity Options dropdown will give them different options to choose from but for this purpose, we are going to select the “Reassign” option.



When Reassign is selected, a Reassign Attendee box will come up asking for you to reassign the selected activities to an active user in the database. The user would select the user or users they wish to take over the selected activities. Once the users are selected, have the user click the "Reassign" button. The activities will then be reassigned to the chosen user(s).




Please Note: If multiple users are assigned to any of the activities that are chosen in bulk, only the selected users at the time of the bulk change will now be attendees on those activities. 


For information on how the user can keep this from happening in the future, you can refer them to the following Helpdesk Article:

Employee Departure

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