Practice Management Takeover with Deborah Fox, CEO & Founder of AdvisorTouch [49:03]


Successfully Using Storytelling with Your Prospects & Clients to Motivate Them to Take Action

Every advisory firm is faced with figuring out how to get prospects and clients to take the next step. Whether it’s working to generate more referrals, motivating a prospect to make the decision to become your client, or inspiring a current client to complete an important task you have assigned, how we communicate can make a huge difference for initiating action. Leveraging storytelling is one of the most effective strategies for motivating those you serve. Join us to learn how incorporating storytelling can make your day-to-day conversations, presentations, and marketing messaging much more effective. The following topics will be covered:
• Utilizing stories to educate and engage prospects and clients can be an extremely successful strategy.
• Storytelling is powerful and effectively helps your clients remember what you communicate.
• This webinar will educate you why storytelling works and how you can leverage the scientific effect it has on the brain in your business.
• Discover exactly what type of information you should utilize during a meeting and what type you should not - and why.
• Ideas for how you can use this approach in your business on a day-to-day basis to differentiate yourself.
• Examples of which type of stories you should use based on who you are communicating with.

Deborah is the founder of AdvisorTouch and has been a practicing financial advisor since 1984 and is known nationally for her unique approach to holistic wealth management services. She has been consulting with advisors for more than 20 years to help them unite and systemize their technology, human capital, practice management, and systems.

As an advisor herself, Deborah and the rest of the AdvisorTouch team understand the daily challenges you face, and how to address them so you and your team can thrive.

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