Advanced Search: AND vs OR

Redtail's Advanced Search functionality is one of the most powerful features within the CRM, offering:

  • Multi-level searches based upon criteria you define.
  • The ability to create QuickLists and Tag Groups from your Search Results.
  • Produce Exports, Reports, Mail Merges and Labels after running a search.
  • Make common changes to multiple contact records at once.

*Please click HERE if you would like to learn everything else there is to know about Advanced Searching in Redtail.


Knowing the difference between AND vs. OR in the Advanced Search will be critical to your success in searching. These are the key tools that help combine searches OR begin brand new searches.

AND: Should be used when you need to combine two or more search criteria such as a specific status AND a specific category.

  • Example: If you are looking for your AAA (Category) Active Clients (Status), you would search for: Contact> Category> Equal to> AAA. AND Contact> Status> Equal> to Active.
    • mceclip5.png
    • Notice the second line is moved slightly to the right and only has a red X on the right of the search instead of the options OR/AND; this shows that you have used the AND function to combine the above line(s).
    • You may combine your AND criteria in any order. 

OR: should be used when you need to begin a new search.

  • Example: If you are looking for your A OR B Client Categories, you would search for: Contact > Category> Equal To> A Client. OR Contact > Category> Equal To> B Client.
    • mceclip6.png
    • Notice the thin line separating the two unique searches, along with their own OR/AND buttons on the right.
    • After selecting OR, all other criteria you have searched for previously does not apply to this new line of search.

Many times you will have to repeat lines of search to accomplish the user’s needs.

Example: If you are looking for the AAA* Active Clients, AA* Active Clients OR the A* Active Clients, you must repeat the Status search for ‘Active Client’ multiple times.


From there, you can also add other search criteria to each line such as contacts that include a Tax ID. You do this by selecting AND next to each individual search line to add: Contact> Tax ID > Is Not Empty. etc. 


Repeat the AND/OR combinations until you meet your search needs. 

NOTE: You should avoid searches that gain more than 10 lines of search criteria. The search may provide incorrect data if it becomes too large. You may need to save the search as two different Quicklists if you run into this issue. 

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