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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration: 

Knudge users can initiate the integration by entering their Redtail login credentials after clicking "Connect Redtail account" on their Integrations page within Knudge. Note: You can navigate to the integrations page by clicking on your firm's name in the top right and selecting Integrations. Every member of your team that is using Knudge will want to do this since the connections are at the user level in order to respect permissions settings in Redtail:




Integration functionality:

Knudge allows financial planners to assign tasks for their clients and have a shared to-do-list to manage those assigned tasks. Knudge will send timely reminders leading up to the due date via email, push notification and/or text notifications, as well as continuing to send reminders after if specified. Knudge helps you stay organized and see at a glance, across your client base, what’s been actioned and what is still outstanding:




With this integration Redtail users can easily import their contacts or link existing contacts to avoid duplicate data entry. Click the Redtail branded "Import contacts" button and all of your Redtail contacts
will be available to import. Sort by name, email, or time created and filter by Redtail contact category to select the right contacts to import:




Basic biographical info, phone number, email addresses, and household context are imported from Redtail with the click of a button. If a contact already exists in Knudge you can elect to link the matching contacts rather than overwrite the Knudge contact and you can sync contacts at any time to pull updated data over from Redtail.

Contacts will stay linked and Knudge will push back notes to Redtail contacts when new nudges are posted or marked complete:




Knudge resources:


Knudge's support team is happy to provide support and receive feedback on how they can improve this integration to better meet your needs. You can reach them at

Learn more or request a demo at


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