Life Stage Insights

Integration Name:

Life Stage Insights

Integration Type:

Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

To set up the integration, log in to your Life Stage Insights account, go to My Contacts, click Import/Export, then click Redtail Import. The first time you are on this page, you will be asked to input your Redtail Username and Password:


Then, click Connect and your integration will be activated.


Integration functionality:

Once you have activated the integration, you can import contacts from Redtail into your Life Stage Insights account. First, select the Redtail categories you want to import, then click import:


The import process will check for duplicates. Life Stage Insights will import contact data including first name, nickname, last name, primary email address, birthdate, and marital status.

After importing Redtail contacts, you can start using Life Stage Insights discovery tools and marketing campaigns to reach them.

Contacts which have been imported or exported to Redtail will have the Redtail logo with a checkmark on the upper right of the Contact Profile Page. Contacts which have not been imported/exported to Redtail will have the Redtail logo with a plus sign on the upper right of the contact profile page, and you can click this icon to export the contact to Redtail:



Life Stage Insights resources:



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