Activity Description vs Linked Notes

When working with Activities, two features that Redtail users may sometimes get confused about are an Activity's Description and the Activity's Linked Notes. Here, we'll cover the differences between the two and when to use each of them.



Activity Description: This section is like a running notepad that should be used for agenda purposes ONLY. Unlike notes, this section can be edited at any time by any user. It is NOT time-stamped and does not have a history of the user's changes. You can, though, filter for the current description's text via the Activities by Contact Report



Linked Notes:  This is where you can record who you talked to and what was discussed, etc. The Note is added to the Linked Contact record as well if there is a Linked Contact on the Activity. The note is also time-stamped and reportable. Remember, notes are for things that have already happened, and cannot be edited once saved.



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