Contact Overview: Primary VS. Preferred

The Contact Card contains all of the different contact information for the clients such as phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Clients can have multiple of each of these items, so knowing which is the primary and which is the preferred is very important.  


Primary: The contact can have one Primary item for each type* of contact item. It allows the user to know which phone number they prefer, which email they may prefer, and what physical address their client prefers over one another. In the picture below you can see the Titles of these primary addresses are in bold. This is an easy way for the user to know which is primary without editing each address. 



Preferred: The user can only choose one preferred item out of the entire client’s Contact Card.

The Preferred is the 1st method of contact a Redtail user should be using to reach out to their client.

When a Contact Card item is set to prefered, the item itself will become bold instead of the title.



To view our Contact Card Overview Article, please click HERE.

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