Incoming Text Messages (without Invites)

While everyone you engage with via text using Speak must receive and accept a Speak Invite Message from you, your clients and prospects can initiate that process by sending a message to the telephone number you've designated as your Speak number.

When you receive a message to your Speak number where you didn't initiate the point of contact, it will show up as a new entry in your Texting area within Speak:




As you can see in the example above, in place of the name of the individual who has texted you will instead see the number of the individual who has sent you a message. 

When you click on the new message, you will see the below:




As you can see, you don't have a space to send a direct response to the message at this point. Your options are to click the "Send invite" button or to click the "Add contact" button.

When you click the "Send invite" button, the process is the same as outlined here

You also have the option to go ahead and create or update an existing Speak contact, by clicking the "Add contact" button:




If you know who the message is from and that you have a record for them that doesn't have this associated phone number, you can click "Add to existing contact", at which point you'd see the below:




From there you can search all of the contacts in your Speak database (or your Redtail CRM, if integrated), select the appropriate one, and then click the Confirm button to make that addition. Note: if the phone number that sent you the text matches a contact's phone number in Redtail CRM and you have set up the integration with Speak, their name will display rather than their phone number. In this case you wouldn't have the "Add contact" option - you'd just need to send the contact an invite to text.

If it is a new contact you need to add to your Speak database, click the "Create contact" option instead, at which point you'd see the below:




Here you can enter all the information you have about the sender. Then, click "Save contact" to create that new Speak contact. If the above message was from an individual named William Cantrell, and you'd added that info and saved the contact, your Speak Inbox would then display that name in place of the number it displayed previously:




As you can see above, William Cantrell's name is now displayed and you have responded to his initial text with an Invite message.

Once he accepts the invite . . .




you'll be free to respond to the initial message he sent to you and communicate freely moving forward:




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