Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Voice Over IP

Setting up the integration:

To begin using the integration, log in to your Intulse account and access the Settings area from your navigation menu:


Then, click the Redtail tab, and you'll see the above. You should see your Redtail User Key (blurred above) after you've entered your Redtail Username and Password and saved your Redtail Settings. Note: you have the option to enter a Default Redtail Username and Password as well to authorize the app for users that don't enter their own credentials.

Integration functionality:

Once you've saved your Redtail settings, the integration offers:

  • Click-to-call - install the browser extension “Intulse Click” to use this functionality.
  • Pop ups on calls
  • Note entry for calls
  • ANY phone number in their platform converts to a name, if the number exists in Redtail. That name is, in turn, a direct link to the contact within Redtail.

Please contact Intulse for specifics on features and usage. You can also view a video Intulse put together about the integration below:

Intulse resources:





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