Seminars: World-Class Experience (Dec 2017)


In today’s world of robo-advisors, financial apps, and a growing millennial client base, building a unique, memorable client experience is what puts you above others in building relationships!

Simply put, if you’re not using fun and engaging client events to help build your relationships and a build an experience for your clients, you are falling behind everyone else.

Fortunately, Redtail has traveled around the country in 2017 and picked up some wonderful, creative ideas on what financial professionals are doing for their clients!

- A ‘Happy Days’ themed ice cream social!

- Renting a movie theater for a VIP screening!

- Paper shredding, bowling night, and other fun events!

Whatever it is—make it a memorable experience and join Redtail in a 4-part series that will show how you can use Redtail CRM to put together a world-class client experience.

Will Redtail host a Fourth of July BBQ, local wine tasting, craft beer tasting, painting night, or ice-skating? Stay tuned and find out!

12/7 Preparation Stage, the front-end work to success

Events are a service opportunity and preparation makes you successful in the moment! Win over prospects and client by using Redtail tools, like Seminars and Searching, to manage your event! All best practices leading up to an event will be highlighted. 

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12/14 Day-of Stage, the in-the-moment tools and resources

Need a sign-in sheet? It’s baked right into Redtail! How about nametags? We got you covered!

Can you believe the power of technology? Now that the front-end work is done, we can generate in the moment reports right in the CRM!

*Remember this process may not be any better than the process you already have in place, however items shared are best practices in working with offices on event management. 

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12/21 Follow-Up Stage, the most important part to event hosting!

In working with offices, Redtail finds that the whole reason to host an event is the window of opportunity to connect and follow-up with attendees! Even if it’s reaching out to say, “Hey we missed you, hope to see you next time.”

Remember future events get better and better the more information you add during this stage!  

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12/28 Future Stage, the roadmap for all other events

This session in the series is the cherry on top of your CRM and event process! Using The Seminar shown in this series is a nice 3-step process: preparation, day of, and follow-up. Why not take that process and turn it into a roadmap for future success? We like to call that roadmap, Workflows! A generic event workflow will be created and applied and other applicable event workflows will be suggested. 

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