Multi-Gen Series w/ Maureen Wilke Presented by FMeX

 The great wealth transfer of the next decade is slowly starting to gain momentum, with Baby Boomers transferring an estimated $30 TRILLION to their Gen X and Millennial children. Many studies show that a large majority of these children will go on to fire the advisors of their parents.
It's generally agreed that if you don't pay attention to the service these new money holders require, then someone else well. Building and growing a multi-generational practice is swiftly rising to the top of many financial professional's to-do lists.
Redtail, along with sponsoring partner FMeX, is presenting a 3-part fall webinar series with Maureen Wilke, The CONNECTED Advisor, focusing on some of the best ways that advisors can begin to successfully adjust their focus on the next generation. Featuring FMeX and their gorgeous marketing tools, you'll want to take full advantage of this series before you become a statistic!
  • This webinar series is designed not only to provide practice. management tips for a multi-generational practice, but also provide turnkey tech solutions to streamline that practice.
  • Each of the three webinars will be approximately 30 minutes in length and will be recorded for future viewing.
  • Each session will also include Redtail action items and ways you can apply these concepts to your CRM.
  • Attendees will receive a follow-up email with FMeX link, tools and templates for an action plan.
  • Attendees will be given a special FMeX offer - $295 for the first year
    (a $100 discount) and a 14 day FREE trial by clicking here!
September 12 - Three Strategies for a Multi-Generational Practice
One of the biggest challenges in building a multi-generational practice is engaging and communicating with the spouse and next generation. This webinar provides strategies and action steps to engage clients and their children with a family communication plan, seminars and high-impact, yet cost-effective events. The session will include sample invitations, agenda and event or seminar venues and a Redtail demonstration. 

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September 26 - Streamline Client Communication with Technology
Now is the time to build and refine your client communication plan and align targeted communications in both email and social media, and automate the process with technology available on Redtail. This webinar will share best practices from top financial professionals, a 12-month communications calendar template, and a Redtail demonstration.   

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October 24 - Brand Your Practice in a Fiduciary World 
The role of the financial professional is ever-changing and this webinar
will provide strategies to brand a practice and communicate with clients in
a Fiduciary World. The session will include communication tips for conversations, a website, social media, and branding template. 

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