Seminar Sign-in Sheets and Check-in Lists

When preparing for your Seminar, you have the ability to print out a Sign-in Sheet or a Check-in List to use with your attendees.

To print either of these, go to your Seminars page and click the Actions arrow for the Seminar you're working with:


Then, click Reports... and you'll see the below modal:


Click Sign in sheet and you'll be presented with the below:


If you click in the box where it says "Please select", you can choose whether you want to run the Sign-in Sheet or the Check-in List. After making your selection, you can then click "run sign in sheet" and it will download and open as a PDF suitable for printing.

Note: the Sign-in Sheet includes only two fields - Name (which is pulled from your CRM) and Signature (which is a blank space for your attendees to sign). The Check-in List includes those fields, as well as Address, Home Phone and Email. If that data is present in the CRM, it will populate on the Check-in List. If it is not, this gives you an opportunity to request that your attendees provide you with that information. 

Note as well that any Guests of your Attendees will display on both of these sheets.

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