Instructions for working with 7-Zip(ed) files

You can download 7-Zip for free.  Click here to go to the 7-zip website. After your download is complete, click the download and then click Run


Next, choose a Destination Folder (if you want to install somewhere other than the default location you can use the Browse button here to select that location) and click Install


You'll then see a progress bar as 7-Zip is installed.  Just click Finish once complete.

Now you're ready to work with your Imaging backup after download. 

You may have just a single file or a collection of files. If you received multiple files/disks from us be sure to move them all to one folder on your computer like so:


To extract the .7z file, right-click the first (.001) or only file and you'll see the below options:


To extract using 7-Zip, hover your cursor over the the arrow to the right of 7-Zip and you'll then see the below: 


Click "Extract files..."  You'll then see an Extract dialog that will allow you to choose where you want to extract your files to: 


If you click the icon to the right of the Extract to: box, you can browse for a location you want to extract the files to and make a new folder if you desire. While you can extract to whatever location you would like, we do recommend that you create a specific folder for this purpose. You'll also need to enter the password you received when you called in to support (800.206.5030 – Option 3) and then you can click OK. Extraction of your Imaging data will begin.

Once this is complete, you are then ready to work with the files on your computer. 

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