Client Review Part 1: Preparation [35:56]


Client Review Preparation Part 1 (2-part series)

It’s time for a client to come to the office for an annual review!

It’s time to prepare and get ready for that visit!

Find out about certain reports and tools to run within Redtail that will assist you to set your meeting up for success!

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

00:34 - Today

00:59 - Client Review Reminders Report

03:20 - Contact Overview

05:38 - Quick Add Activity

07:16 - Contact Overview - Important Information 

11:06 - Contact Overview - Contact Card

15:38 - Contact Overview - Common Tasks

22:39 - Notes By Contact Report

27:43 - User Defined Fields by Contact Report

32:34 - Contact Overview - Accounts


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