FireLight (from Hexure)

Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Insurance software

Setting up the integration: 

If enabled for you or your organization, do the following:

If you have a user-specific license, enter your Redtail login information in CRM Preferences on the Preferences page in FireLight once and skip this step in future activities. If the firm has supplied a corporate license, skip this step.

Integration functionality:

The integration between Redtail CRM and FireLight enables advisors to automatically pre-fill client information in FireLight applications, simplifying and expediting new business, post-issue, exchange and sub-pay processes. Within FireLight, advisors can quickly access, select and pull client and client-related contact information from their Redtail CRM, creating a streamlined in-good-order sales experience. 

To use the integration:

  • Begin an application or other activity.
  • Click the Redtail CRM button:

  • On the upper right of the My Contacts dialog box, type the first few letters of the contact's last name or commercial name and click the search button to filter the list:


  •  In the list of names on the left, click a name to view the contact's information on the right. 

  • Click the Select button to populate the contact's information in the associated fields on the form or wizard:


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