Accessing Email Backups Through FTP

This article will guide you through the process of accessing Email Backups through FTP.

You will have to have access to an FTP client in order to access these files. There are a few free FTP Clients available, such as Filezilla (which is the client used in this article).

After a backup is finished you will be given information and credentials on how to access the backups through an FTP connection.

The first step will be to enter in the Host IP Addess provided to you, as shown below:


The next step will be to enter in the Username given. Unless otherwise specified this username will match the ticket number for your request:


Step number three will be to enter the Port number you are provided into the correct field:


The final step is to enter in the password we will give to you, and click the button to connect to the FTP server. Once connected the files on the FTP server will appear in the right hand pane of the FTP Client, while your computer's folders and files will be displayed in the left hand pane. Transferring files from the server to your computer is as easy as dragging and dropping the files from the right to the left.


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