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Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

To use the LifeSite integration, you’ll need access to a LifeSite Pro account. You can contact them to set up an account for you. Or, go here to sign up.

Once you have a LifeSite Pro account, login to your Redtail account from within LifeSite:


Integration functionality:

Now that you have access to your Redtail account, you need to select which Tag Group(s) you’d like to invite to LifeSite.

Note: If you haven’t created any Tag Groups yet in Redtail, check out our quick guide for establishing Tag Groups. Once you've entered your Redtail credentials (as described above), if you do have Tag Groups in Redtail you'll see the below (with the Tag Group column reflecting your Tag Groups):


After selecting your desired Tag Group(s) and clicking Continue, your clients within those group(s) will appear:


From here, select the clients you’d like to invite to LifeSite, enter your LifeSite Pro credentials and then send your invites:


If your client already has a LifeSite Vault, their Vault will be automatically linked with your LifeSite Pro account once they accept your invitation.

If your client does not have a LifeSite Vault, they’ll receive an email with instructions to sign up and then link with your LifeSite Pro account.

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LifeSite resources:


Support Center

If you have additional questions or would like to learn more about the integration, please email

If you are looking for more Financial Planning Tools, click here!


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