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Setting up the integration:

Note, for a short video that covers both setting up the integration and the integration's functionality, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Emotomy offers an all-in-one product for Risk, white-labeled robo and paperless onboarding, and it does it all with an automatic approach. 

To set the integration up:

  • log in to your Portfolio Engine at Emotomy. 
  • Click the "More" option at the top of the page and select "Firm settings".
  • Click "Show" in the row that contains "CRM".
  • Select "Redtail Technology" in the "Primary CRM" box and click "Submit".
  • When you next log in to Emotomy as a financial rep, you will see a Redtail tab at the top of your screen.

Integration functionality:

After setup as described above, you'll then be able to access various areas of your Redtail account via SSO (Today page, Calendar, Contacts and Reports).

You'll also have access to various user-driven tasks from w/i Emotomy itself, including the abilities to:

  • Add a new contact
  • View and sort all recent notes
  • View all accounts for a specific user
  • Pull up a contact card for a user
  • Add a note for a contact
  • View all notes for a specific contact
  • Delete a contact (this deletes them from Redtail as well)

Finally, Redtail will automatically document certain activities that you perform within Emotomy as Notes within Redtail, including:

  • Inviting a client to fill out a questionnaire (with contact information you pull from their record in Redtail)
  • Creating an Investment Policy Statement (with contact information you pull from their record in Redtail)
  • Opening a client account with pre-filled information from their record in Redtail. This will create an account number and show up as a Note in Redtail as well.

Emotomy resources:

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