Wealth Transfer with LifeSite and Paul Karasik [48:13]


With one of the biggest generational wealth transfers on the horizon, a frequently overlooked item on an advisors radar is building relationships and working with the sons and daughters of clients. Baby boomers will be passing more than $30 trillion on to their children. Will you be the one providing advice to them?

Unfortunately, research by Fidelity Investments and PricewaterhouseCoopers shows, if current trends continue, more than 80%-90% of your clients’ children will fire you. According to InvestmentNews Data, 75% of all financial advisors have never even met their clients’ children.

Redtail has teamed with our new integration partner LifeSite to make it easier for you to work on the web with your clients, bringing technology in as that important bridge between you and the generations that are flocking towards do-it-yourself tech solutions. This allows advisors to connect on level ground with tech savvy potential clients who have access to financial information, but who also need professional advice and services.

This webinar, presented by industry coach and author Paul Karasik, will not only introduce you to LifeSite and it's integration with Redtail, but will also provide you with insights for establishing new and productive relationships with the individuals that will largely determine the future of your practice: your clients’ children. Join us to learn how important it is for you to build the relationships with your clients children and how LifeSite and Redtail can provide a technological edge.

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