Automate Away! (June 2017 Series)


The satisfaction of having lists and workflows is the luxury of automation. Automations are like the cherry on top of a Sundae—they’re the completion to an exemplary CRM. Automations learned in this series can automate your process for a deceased or inactive client, assure clean data across multiple platforms and they can even serve as a safety net to be sure you gather all the necessary information for new client. Automations will be dived in-depth to show 3 major functions in a financial office. Stages discussed will be the beginning of a client lifecycle, ongoing maintenance, and the end of a client lifecycle.

Part 1

If you can see the big picture of all the tools in Redtail—then you can start to create some cause and effect. For example—if you add a new contact to the database an “Important Information Workflow” can automatically be triggered so everyone knows what’s needed to successfully add a new client. Others included in this webinar will be automation for adding a new account as well as on-boarding a new client.

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Part 2

Now that your client is successfully added to your database--your client is living in a vacuum so things are going to change! Let the system work for you on those changes! For example if a contact changes their address it could trigger a workflow highlighting all the locations that address needs to be updated for clean data. Others included in this webinar will be life insurance underwriting as well as a client review process.

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Part 3

We tie up this series with best practices on how to best handle the end of a relationship with a client. Whether that was because of a client passing away or them leaving for another advisor; you can rest assured that the change is properly recorded in your CRM.


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