Appointment Reminder

Integration Name:

Appointment Reminder

Integration Type:

Scheduling Software

Setting up the integration:

If you aren't currently an Appointment Reminder subscriber, you can sign up for a 14-day free trial here. Appointment Reminder did indicate that before creating the connection with Appointment Reminder you may want to create a new user in Redtail called "Appointment Reminder" so that timeline events will display as “Appointment Reminder” rather than the user who sets up the integration. For more information on that you can email their support team at or start a live chat on their website.

After completing that free trial sign-up process, you'll see the below:


Click "Redtail Calendar". You'll then be prompted for your Redtail credentials:


Enter those here and then click "Connect". Note that your Redtail credentials will not be stored by Appointment Reminder but a token will be generated that allows Appointment Reminder to access your Redtail database.

After clicking "Connect," you'll see the below:


In the "Choose Calendar" box, choose which Redtail user’s calendar you want to sync with Appointment Reminder. You can repeat this process if you have multiple users.

There are a number of checkboxes you can select which will update Redtail in certain situations, as in the image below:


When done making your selections, click the "Connect" option at the bottom. 

Integration functionality:

After following the above steps, Appointment Reminder will sync with Redtail. This can take up to 20 minutes for the first sync. Appointment Reminder will continue to sync with Redtail periodically.

Reminders will start sending once you have enabled sending. This can be completed from the main calendar screen inside Appointment Reminder. It’s best to enable this after you’ve checked the first sync.

Should any questions arise, please email or start a live chat on their website

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