Thrive In Five: Prospecting With Redtail (2017 Series)


Prospecting is a monster and we’re always in the business for more business! With internet and reviews in the world today it’s more important than ever to capture a client experience that is memorable, repeatable, and enjoyable. In this special five-part series we will discover ways Redtail can be used to generate business, improve market intelligence, and solidify relationships with your beloved clients--adding more revenue and more efficiency to your firm.

Week 1 - All Clients are Different - Categorize them as such!

You met a million dollar client at lunch and now time is ticking to turn that prospect to a client! Your first step is to get that person into the system but there are some important clean data recommendations you want to follow along the way! Learn the essentials to classification as well as building lists from that front-end work dedication.

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Week 2 - Letting the Redtail CRM Work for you!

Sometimes winning over a client is all about your firm’s secret sauce! If you want to bottle up and protect your secret sauce you might want to turn that prospect process into a step-by-step workflow so it’s out of the most dangerous place--in your head! Whiteboard, build and use a workflow to win over that million dollar client!

Covered Features: Workflow, Automations

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Week 3 - Using Redtail for the Real World

Emails and websites are cool--- but certain generations want to experience the benefits of an actual relationship with a person that knows them! Track important things like coffee preference, favorite NFL team and think outside the box with education seminars and other great events!

Covered Features: UDFs, Seminars, Broadcast Email

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Week 4 - Quantifying our Hard Work!

The Opportunity tool is the meat and potatoes to your entire prospect process. It’s your sales pipeline and your one stop shop to see what business is close to closing and what business you need to spend more time on! After you learn how to manage new or existing business we’ll cover how to mine important data like, “How long did it take to win this client over?”

Covered Features: Opportunities, Reports, Client Since Date

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Week 5 - Prospecting Pushed to the Limit

At the end of this series you might be thinking, “Man! This is a lot of work!” But don’t worry just yet--one of the things that makes Redtail Technology a market leader is we integrate with so many of your tools! Add efficiency to your sales process by using integrations to cut out the manual work!

Covered Features: Integrations

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