Redtail CRM (Tailwag version 2.0) for Android users

You can find Redtail CRM (Tailwag Version) for Android in the Google Play store by searching for Tailwag: 


After installation you should see the Redtail CRM Tailwag icon on your device: 


Just tap the Redtail CRM icon to bring up your login screen:


You can then enter your Redtail username and password and tap sign in to authenticate your credentials.  Your data will then be retrieved in real time from your CRM to your device. 

Note: Touch ID is also an option for signing into the app, if your Android product offers fingerprint scanner functionality. You'll first need to set that up based upon your device's instructions for doing so. Also, you should be aware of how to disable Touch ID (without actually disabling Touch ID functionality on your device). If you manually sign out of the Tailwag app using the Sign Out button, you will not be prompted to login using Touch ID upon your next login. Touch ID ONLY appears as an option when you have timed out of the app (as opposed to manually logging out). So, to enable Touch ID again for the Tailwag app, you'd need to log in manually and let the app time out when you've finished using it. After an hour's time, you'll be prompted for Touch ID upon your subsequent logins. We are currently looking at other options for enabling/disabling Touch ID and will update this document when those solutions are in place.

Home Screen

Your Redtail CRM Home screen will appear as below, with a look at your activities for the day and a "+" button for adding new activities: 


Before we take a closer look at this screen, let's take a quick look at how you navigate to the other main areas of the app. You can tap the menu icon in the app's top left corner, to access navigation: 


You'll then see the below, giving you one-tap access to your main Calendar, your Contacts, your OpportunitiesSearch, Contact Us or Sign Out (or back to the Home/Today screen, if accessing the menu from other areas): 


We'll consider those areas further along in this post. Let's go back to the Today screen: 


Note that All Day events will display on the top of this screen, followed by your activities arranged chronologically. Let's tap on the Lunch Meeting activity: 


This will provide you with the Activity's Details. If you tap the ellipsis on the top right of your screen, you'll see options to edit the activity or mark it complete:


Tapping that "Edit Activity" option will display the below: 



This will allow you to quickly edit the activity's subject, date/time, location, description, importance, priority, category or type.

Now, let's take a look at the Calendar accessible from your navigation menu: 


After tapping Calendar, you'll see today's date indicated with green highlighting in the context of a Month view: 


You can click on an individual date to look at a Day View (almost identical to your Home screen view of a day, the difference being that you can move forward/backward one day at a time at the bottom of this screen). The red dots in the Month View indicate that there are activities scheduled for any given day. 


Back to that main Calendar screen: 



On the bottom of the Calendar, you have the ability to navigate forward/backward by Month. Above the Calendar, you can tap the User icon to select a different database user's Calendar to view. You'd then see the below (but with your database user's listed): 


Just tap the name of the database user whose Calendar you'd like to view and then tap OK.

If you want to add an Activity, you can click that "+" icon next to the User icon and them complete all relevant details about the Activity. Then, click Save.

Now, let's take a look at the Contacts accessible from your navigation menu: 


After tapping Contacts, you'll see your list of Recently Viewed contacts: 


If you tap that "+" icon in the upper right corner of this screen, you can add a new contact to your database:


If you want to search for a specific contact, rather than viewing/accessing a recently viewed contact, you can tap Search from your navigation menu, which will display the below, allowing you to search for that contact and access their record: 


Let's imagine we accessed the contact record for Henry Jones, either via Search or from the main Contacts page. We'd see the below: 


First, note the "+" icon and the Edit icon we've pointed out on the top right corner of a contact's Overview page. Clicking the "+" icon will allow you to choose between adding a Note, Activity, Phone Number, Email Address, Physical Address, Social Media Address or Website Address for the contact:


Clicking the Edit icon provides you with the opportunity to edit much of your contact's information:


Now, let's go back and look at the Contact Overview screen:


Tapping a Phone Number here will give you the option to Call, Text or Edit the number. Tapping an Email Address will give you the option to Send Email or Edit the email address. Selecting the Send Email option will pull up a Mail Send window with the email address prepopulated. Tapping a physical address will give you the option to Map or Edit the address. Selecting Map will attempt to map the address in Maps. Finally, tapping a Social Media or Website address will provide you with options to "Open in Browser" or to edit those fields.

Along the bottom of a Contact's page, you'll see several navigational options, as highlighted in the screenshot above. In order, these will access the Contact's main screen (which we just took a look at), the Contact's Accounts, the Contact's Upcoming Activities, the Contact's Notes and the Contact's Important Information. While Accounts and Important Information are read-only within the app, you can edit Activities or mark them Complete. And, you can view existing Notes and/or their comments or click the "+" icon in the top right corner of a Contact's Notes screen to add a new one for them.

Note as well that there is another tab for Contact Details accessible from this Overview page (pointed out in the image above). If you click that, you'll see the below:


Now, let's take a look at the Opportunities accessible from your navigation menu: 


Tapping that option will take you to your current open opportunities:


Tapping an Opportunity here will take you to its details:


From the main Opportunities screen, you'll see a "+" icon next to your refresh icon. If you click that "+" icon, you'll see your Add Opportunity screen, where you can add new opportunities to your database:


Let's go back to take a look at the remaining options accessible from your navigation menu: 


We discussed the Search option above, when talking about the Contacts option.

The Contact Us option provides you with our contact info and regular business hours.

The Sign Out option, of course, allows you to log out of the app.  

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