PSIGEN PSIsafe (Cabinet SAFE)

NOTE: This integration is only available for existing users of the integration, i.e., PSIGEN is only supporting existing users and will not support new users of the integration. 

Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Document Storage

Setting up the integration:

To use this integration, an admin user of your database will first need to enable it within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here.

Then, from the Manage Integrations page where the integration was just enabled, they will need to click Settings under the Actions menu for PSIsafe: 


The below modal will appear: 


Here, enter your Domain (provided by PSIGEN). Then click Save. 

You're then ready to begin using the integration.

Integration functionality:

Once you've set the integration up, you can link up your contacts with their respective records in PSIsafe and access their documents stored there from within their Documents area in Redtail. In our example below, I've accessed Robert B. Anderson's record, gone to his Documents area and then selected PSIsafe from the Document Views box:


As you can see, we've already stored some documents on the PSIsafe platform for this client and we can see those from within Redtail after selecting PSIsafe from the Document Views area. 

Right-clicking a file here will present you with several options in relation to that file:


Note as well the Menu icon above and to the right of these files on display:


Clicking that menu icon will display the below:


The most important of these menu options for our purposes here is the Add Documents option. Add Documents will allow you to upload files for the client into PSIsafe here, without having to leave Redtail CRM.

The Edit Folder option displays other data that is synced between the two platforms, including the Tax Identification Number, which is the field used to connect contacts between the two platforms.

For detailed information on working with file right-click options or with these menu options, you can contact PSIGEN support for assistance (as what you are seeing here is their platform displayed within Redtail CRM.)

PSIGEN PSIsafe resources:


If you are looking for more Document Storage, click here! 

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