Totum by TIFIN

Integration Name:

Totum by TIFIN

Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration: 

From within your Totum account, select one of the two workflow options below:


If you selected the "CONVERT" option, you'll see the below:


If you selected the "CHECK" option, you'll instead see the below:


So, depending upon which of these workflows you were looking to work with first, you'll either click the "ADD PROSPECTS" or the "ADD CLIENTS" button next. In either case, on the next screen you'll see an area similar to the below:


Click the "CONNECT" button. You'll then be able to enter your Redtail credentials and authenticate them to complete the integration's setup process:




Integration functionality:

After setup, when you begin one of the processes above, you'll have the ability to search for contacts from your Redtail CRM database and then add desired contacts to your Totum account using the "+" icon in the Actions column for their name:



Totum by TIFIN resources:



If you are looking for other Risk Analysis options, click here! 

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