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Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration: 

From within your Totum account, click the gear icon in the upper right corner:


You'll then see some new options at the top of the page. Click Integrations:


Then, click the "Connect" button next to Redtail:


You'll be prompted for your Redtail credentials:


Enter your Redtail credentials here and then click Sign In. That will complete your setup process for the integration.


Integration functionality:

After signing into your Redtail account as shown above, you'll then see your Redtail block on Totum's Integrations page appears as below:


If I wanted to import my client Bruce Wayne from Redtail into my Totum account, I'd begin by searching for him in this new search box, as in the example below:


As you can see, I typed "Wayne" in the search box. Two results came up and when I hover my cursor over the one I want to import that option becomes available. After clicking "Import" for Bruce Wayne, the import process will begin (you'll see a message at the top of your screen when that process has completed).

To visit contacts in Totum that you've imported, just click your menu icon in the upper left corner:


Note: you can also use the Search line available here after clicking your menu icon to locate a specific contact. Either way once you see the contact you're looking for displayed in this list, just click their name. You'll then see their available information in Totum:


You can then work with the contact using the available tools in Totum, including their Questionnaire.

Totum resources:

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