Orion Planning

Integration Name:

Orion Planning

Integration Type:

Financial Planning tools

Setting up the integration:

  1. Go to your settings at the top right within Orion Planning and navigate to the integrations tab. Select Redtail from the list:


  2. Enter your Redtail login credentials and click the Connect Redtail button:


  3. Upon successfully linking the two solutions, you will see "Connected" next to the Redtail integration.


  4. Once the integration is connected, go to Redtail and log in.

Integration functionality:

How to send a Household's info from Redtail to Orion Planning

  • Go to a contact record in Redtail that you would like to make a plan for in Orion Planning.
  • While in the contact record, click the integrations icon at the top right. Select Orion Planning from the resulting menu. Click "Send To."


A new tab will open in Orion Planning, and you can begin working through the financial plan for the household:


Note: If you are not in a contact record when selecting Orion Planning from Redtail's Integrations menu, you will not see "Send to" under the Orion Planning integration.

Using the SSO functionality to log into Orion Planning

  • Click the integrations icon at the top right of the page within Redtail, and select Orion Planning from the resulting menu.

After clicking your Integrations menu in Redtail, and then selecting Orion Planning, you'll see the below:


Note: if you aren't in a Contact Record in Redtail when accessing these options, you'll only see the Single Sign On option here.

Orion Planning resources:



Click here to return to the list of Financial Planning tools.


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