Schwab Advisor Center® Persisted Account Data Management

This article is designed to walk you through day-to-day operations for managing fed-in accounts from Schwab Advisor Center® to your Redtail CRM database.

Note: for your persisted data feed to begin, you MUST first complete the Initial Enrollment and Opt-in to the Persisted Data Feed.


Manage Incoming Persisted Accounts, Unlinked to Redtail CRM Contacts

When accounts initially arrive into your database, they do so unlinked to your contact records. You'll then need to review them in your Unlinked Accounts report within Redtail and manage them accordingly. Note: the Unlinked Accounts Report itself provides no detailed account data that pertains to balances, prices or dates.

You'l be able to link your accounts here, either by a manual process or by using the Autolink feature that matches up accounts with contacts based upon matching TINs. If no TINs are provided, manual linking is necessary.

You can navigate to your Unlinked Accounts Report within Redtail by:

  • selecting Reports from your Left Menu Bar:

  • then select "Accounts by Unlinked"  from your available Account Reports:

You will then see all of your Unlinked Accounts, as in the partial example below:


For a detailed look at working with Unlinked Accounts in Redtail CRM, including how to Run Autolink as well as how to manually link accounts, you can see this post. Regardless of whether you autolink or manually link accounts, they should disappear from your Unlinked Accounts Report afterwards, and immediately appear in the Accounts Overview section of the CRM Contact record to which they were linked.


Manage Persisted Accounts, Linked to Redtail CRM Contacts

After persisted accounts have been linked to contact records, you will find them displayed inside of their corresponding Redtail CRM Contact record, under the contact's Accounts section. So, when within the contact's record in Redtail, select Accounts from the menu underneath their name:

You'll then see all accounts linked to their record:


Accounts linked to an aggregator, or fed in from a Custodian, are marked with a "Linked Account" flag, letting you know that the account is linked to a feed. Accounts from Schwab will be flagged with both a "Linked Account" flag and a "Schwab Advisor Center®" flag, to let you know that the account is coming specifically from Schwab Advisor Center®. You can see from the highlighted Flags above that the first account listed here is fed in from Schwab Advisor Center®. You can also see the calculated Account Balance in the final column here.

To drill down further into the details for accounts from Schwab Advisor Center®, click their account number from this page. Below is a partial look at what you'd see after clicking on one of these accounts in the Account Assets section of the resulting Details screen:


This area should reflect asset names, symbols, shares, price (with date) and calculated balance (with date) for all holdings. If you ever want to verify that positions are current for an account, you can drill down to this Details page for the account and look at the holdings dates on this screen - the time/date stamp should reflect the positions from Schwab or from the last real-time refresh.


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