Schwab Advisor Center® Real-time Account Positions Refresh

Real-time Account Positions Refresh

Positions inside of the Accounts delivered by the Schwab Advisor Center® Persisted Data Feed can be updated with real-time balance information using the Refresh Positions option. Before you begin, make sure you have followed the steps to enroll your Schwab Advisor Center® user under Manage Integrations.

Accounts that are linked with Schwab Advisor Center® have a "Refresh Positions" option when viewing the accounts within a CRM Contact Record, so that you can update an individual account's positions in real time, on demand.

To refresh an account:

  • navigate to the Accounts Overview page for a contact that has Schwab accounts that have been linked. * Note: instructions for managing a Contact's accounts can be found here.
  • Click the Actions menu for the account that you want to refresh:


    From the menu that opens up, click "Refresh positions" in the Schwab Advisor Center® section (highlighted above).

  • You'll then see a modal that displays the last date/time that the Refresh option was requested, as well as the last date/time the fed-in data from Data Delivery service was updated:


  • Click the green "Refresh Now" button and the real time update of holdings and balance information for the account will begin.

Once this process is complete, you'll then be able to see the updated information both within the same Refresh positions modal itself and on the holdings in the Account Details screen for the refreshed account.

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