The Workflow Workshop (March 2017 Series)


Now is a great time to begin reevaluating office practices and asking yourself how you can be better in every facet of your business, from client service to internal practices. Your CRM and the tools within can become an invaluable piece for solving that puzzle. With that being said, the Redtail Training team would like to take the month of March to make everyone experts on one of the most requested tools in the CRM: Workflows

For the whole month of March, Redtail is devoting its Thursday Continuing Education series to making our users experts on Workflows. We want to take a detailed, balanced approach to every facet of Workflows, starting with whiteboarding, moving on to building and application, and wrapping it up with further advanced tools to combine with them.

Workflows are automated processes built from scratch by users to help them maintain consistency throughout the office. Whether it's making sure everything is covered in preparation for a workshop or being able to show a client exactly HOW you are acting in their best interests, Workflows help you keep up with your processes and make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Starting with Part 1, we will be building a foundation that will be utilized and references throughout the rest of the series. Each part will be presented using the newest Project Tailwag version of Redtail. These sessions will be recorded and made available on this page at a later date. Please look below for brief descriptions of each session and where to register.

Workflow Workshop: Part 1 - Conceptualizing & Whiteboarding [33:15]
Before diving into the tool of Workflows itself, it's important to know what your processes actually are. In this session we'll get you in the right mindset for laying out your roadmap, giving you the right questions to ask yourself and whiteboarding several workflows to be used later on. (You can find the presentation and materials discussed available for download at the bottom of this article.)

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Workflow Workshop: Part 2 - Building [43:05]
Once we have a good idea of how we want our processes to go, we can then begin building them out in our Redtail CRM. This session goes over the actual functionality of building Workflow templates for repeated use in the future, allowing for a consistent experience every time. 

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Workflow Workshop: Part 3 - Apply
Now that our Workflow templates are built, it's time to take them live! Workflows can be utilized in several aspects, from existing templates, to building active workflows from scratch. They can also be attached to not just contacts, but also seminars, opportunities, or nothing at all!

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Workflow Workshop: Part 4 - Enhancing

Wrapping up our series, we'll dive into some of the other complimentary tools for Workflows, particularly with Automations. Using Automations, users can build custom triggers to automatically attach workflows templates in a 'If this, then that' scenario.

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