Retirement Analyzer

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Retirement Analyzer

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

Log in to your Retirement Analyzer account. Then, click the Clients button at the top of the page. You'll see an Integrations link that, when clicked, will display Redtail as an option:


Click "Redtail" and you'll then be prompted to enter your Redtail credentials:


After entering your Redtail credentials and clicking Save, you will be able to use the integration between Redtail and Retirement Analyzer.

Integration functionality:

The integration pulls Redtail contacts into Retirement Analyzer. To do so, go to the same area indicated above after you've set up the integration. You'll now see the below:


The Redtail button offers you SSO (Single Sign-On) directly into your Redtail CRM.

Clicking the Sync button will display the below:


You can type in the Search box to look for specific contacts in your Redtail database or check off the Show All box to display them all. Whichever route you go with that, you'll then click the "New" button for a contact displayed in your Search results to begin their sync process:


Then, you'll see the below:


Use the "Check All" or "Uncheck All" buttons if necessary when deciding which of the Contact Information on display to include in your sync. Then, click Sync.

After the sync process has finished for the client, you can then work with them in your Retirement Analyzer account.

Going forward, if you want to sync a client that you've previously synced over, you'll see a "Merge" rather than a "New" option when searching for them as described in the process above. If you're already aware that you've synced them over, you can just go to your Clients tab in Retirement Analyzer. They will display an icon that indicates they have been synced over from Redtail:


If you click that icon for a client, you'll see that you can pick and choose which data you want to merge over into the existing record for them within Retirement Analyzer:


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