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Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

Before setting up this integration, one of our Client Success Specialists will need to enable it within your Asset-Map account. Please email with your request to enable the Redtail integration.

After Asset-Map's support team has enabled the integration for you, you will need to establish the integration:

1. Sign in to your Asset-Map Platform and click the User Menu > Integrations:

2. Then, select "Redtail":

On this resulting screen, enter your Redtail credentials and click "ENABLE REDTAIL INTEGRATION."


Integration functionality:

If you subscribe to both the Asset-Map Platform and Redtail CRM, this integration will allow you to send basic contact information from Redtail to Asset-Map. Adding or syncing a Family and/or Contacts from Redtail into Asset-Map will allow you to quickly create Asset-Map Reports for your clients and prospects.

Linking Clients from Redtail to Asset-Map

Note: The term Households and Household Members are used in Asset-Map, where Redtail refers to those same terms as Families or Contacts.

1. To link a family and/or contact(s) from Redtail into your Asset-Map Platform, start by searching for a family or contact that exists in Redtail. Or, you can also click Import All Redtail Contacts to bring over all families within your Redtail account into Asset-Map:

2. When searching for individual Redtail contacts, click Import to Asset-Map once found:

3. The contact information (family members, birth dates, and gender) that is stored in Redtail will be used to create and populate your Household's Asset-Map Report:


Managing Your Integration

Once you have linked Redtail to your Asset-Map Platform, there are several ways to manage your integration: Search; Sync; Statistics.

Search: Go to Household Index to access your full list of clients. A link symbol  will appear in the Redtail column  to the left of any Household that has been imported and/or synced via Redtail:

Sync: To update a Household’s information with current Redtail information, click the Sync button found in the Integrations box on the Household’s Summary page in Asset-Map:

Statistics: The Redtail Integrations page in your Asset-Map account provides a summary of your integration, including how many Households and Redtail Clients have been connected with your Asset-Map account:



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