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Setting up the integration:

On Asset-Map's side

The first time you use Asset-Map with Redtail, you will need to establish the integration:

1. Sign in to the Asset-Map Platform, click the User Menu, and select "Integrations":


2. Then, click "Activate" in the Redtail box


3. You'll be prompted for your Redtail CRM credentials — enter those and click "Link Redtail Account":


If the link is successful, you'll see the below, letting you know the integration is now Active:


You'll also see an option here to "Deactivate" the integration as well as a "Redtail Login" option (which offers you Single Sign-On (SSO) access to your Redtail database.


On Redtail's side

Go to Manage Your Integrations within Redtail:


Locate Asset-Map, click it's Options menu, and select "Settings":


Then, click the button to begin the Authorization process:


You'll see another authorization button you'll need to click:


Click that and after the authorization has completed, you'll be returned to your Redtail CRM.

Integration functionality:

Within Asset-Map

If you subscribe to both the Asset-Map Platform and Redtail CRM, this integration will allow you to import basic contact information from Redtail to Asset-Map. Adding or syncing a Family and/or Contacts from Redtail into Asset-Map will allow you to quickly create Asset-Map Reports for your clients and prospects.

Linking Clients from Redtail to Asset-Map

Note: The term Households and Household Members are used in Asset-Map, where Redtail refers to those same terms as Families or Contacts.

1. To link a family and/or contact(s) from Redtail into the Asset-Map Platform, start by searching for a family or contact that exists in Redtail. Within Asset-Map, click the Household icon and then click "Add Household":


Then, click the Integrations box:


Next, click the Redtail box:


You'll then see a search box that will allow you to search your Redtail contacts:


In the below example, we've searched for "Holiday" and clicked Enter:


You can then click the "Import" option that corresponds with the Redtail contact you would like to import into Asset-Map. You'd then see the option to import the contact only, or their entire Household (Family) from Redtail:


After making your selection and clicking the "Import All" or "Import One" button, the contact(s) will be added to your Asset-Map platform.



Managing Your Integration

Once you have linked Redtail to your Asset-Map Platform and imported any contacts, the contact or the family will display in your Asset-Map Household Index with a link symbol indicating they have been imported:



Sync: To update a Household’s information with current Redtail information, click the Sync button found in the Integrations box on the Household’s Summary page in Asset-Map:



Within Redtail CRM

If you access Asset-Map from your Integrations menu in Redtail while not in a contact record, you'll see the below:


The "Launch Dashboard" option offers you Single Sign-On (SSO) access directly to your Asset-Map Dashboard.

If you access Asset-Map from your Integrations menu in Redtail while within a contact record in Redtail, you'll see you have additional options:


Those additional options are:

  • Link to existing Household - if you select this option, the area will expand as in the example below:
    You can then search for the existing household you'd like to link the contact to. In the below example, we've searched for "holiday" and now have the option to link this Redtail contact to the Holiday Household we've already established in Asset-Map:
    Clicking "Select household" here will create the desired linkage.
  • Create Household - You also have the option here to create a new household in Asset-Map. If you select that option, once the Household has been created, this area in Redtail will look like the below:
    You'll also be able to access them now from the Household Index in your Asset-Map account.

    Also, note that in addition to the "Launch Dashboard" option here, once you've established a link between a Redtail contact and Asset-Map, you have additional options here: "Launch Household Summary" and "Launch Asset-Map Report" — each of these will take you into Asset-Map for that information.

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