The ability to assign the Role of Advisor, Associate Advisor or CSA (Customer Service Associate or Certified Senior Advisor) to your database users for individual contacts (and to assign Workflow Tasks to Roles, rather than database users or teams) is available within Redtail CRM.  If you are an admin database user, you can apply Roles either to individual contacts or you can apply in bulk to a group of contacts.  Below we will take a look at how you apply these settings using both methods. 

Add Roles to an individual contact 

Roles for an individual contact can be accessed from the new menu items in your Left Menu Bar that appear when inside a contact record. First, you'll need to click "More" within that menu:



You'll then see the Permissions/Roles option that you can click:


You'll then see the below (if no Roles have been applied to the contact record):
To add Roles, click the "add roles" button in the upper right corner of the section and you'll see the below:
In the example below, I've clicked inside the Associate Advisor box:
For each of these three available Roles, you'd do the same. Just click inside its box and select the database user to whom you want to assign the role. In the example below, I've selected three database users to fill these roles for the contact:
If you ever need to update or delete any of these Roles, you can do so using the Actions menu to their left.

Add Roles to a group of contacts

To add roles in bulk, you would need to bring up the group of contacts to whom you want to apply the roles on your Search page within Redtail.  After the contacts are on your Search page, you can select the ones you want to apply the roles change to and then select Bulk Actions from the Contact Options menu:



Within the Bulk Contact Actions modal, you'll see "Role Assignment" (and "Remove Role Assignment):



Click "Role Assignment" and you'll see the below:




You can then proceed to assign roles in bulk, using the same procedure as described above for individual contacts. Note: if the contact already has someone assigned to one of these roles, that information will not be overwritten for them unless you check off the "Overwrite Existing" box next to the role you are attempting to change in bulk.

Remove Roles from a group of contacts

To remove roles in bulk, you'll need to get all contact records with that role setting to your Advanced Search page first. Just run a search for that particular role to turn those contacts up, as in the example below:

You'd then select all of your search results, click the Contact Options button and then click Bulk Actions:

On the resulting modal, click "Role Assignment":


You'll then see the below modal:


You can then select the Advisor, Associate Advisor, and/or CSA you want to remove from those records, check off the appropriate "Remove" boxes, and click "remove from roles" to remove the role(s) from the contacts. 

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