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Many users look for concentrated training based on what their goals are. Below are some frequently requested Topics and the applicable tools and training that will help you out!

1. Getting Started Playlist: Get started learning about the newest evolution of Redtail CRM with the resources listed in our Live in 5 playlist.

2. Recorded Webinars & Documentation: The backbone of our training, every webinar we run is recorded and posted for quick viewing at your own convenience. To support your webinar education, there is also a library of HelpDesk Documentation to take you step by step through concept and execution.

Marketing: Searching for and grouping your clients, reporting on their activities, notes or other fields, and utilizing Marketing tools in Redtail for reaching out.

     1. Searching & Lists– Looking for your contacts and grouping them together.
     2. Reporting – Mining contacts based on useful data points.
     3. Mail Merge – Draft Word documents to pull Redtail data for bulk customization to your clients.
     4. Broadcast Email Quickly, easily draft and send a personalized, customized email to multiple clients.
Process Management: Building and understanding your activities, action items, and processes within your Redtail CRM.
     1. Calendar – Understanding your calendar, activities and how to use them is one of the most important
     parts of making your CRM work for you.
     a. Calendar on HelpDesk
     2. Workflows -Workflows in Redtail are a Process Management tool designed to help you step by step
     through your process without anything falling through the cracks.
     b. Workflow Series
     3. Automations – Automations are triggers built in Redtail to fulfill multiple “if this, then that” scenarios for your office.
Reporting & Custom Exporting: Mining data is paramount to owning and utilizing a CRM. Understand what reports and data you can pull, as well as the customization available to you. See what you want, when you want, how you want.
     1. Reporting Breakdown - A breakdown of available reports available to users 

     2. Reporting Video – Mining contacts based on useful data points.

     3. Custom Exporting Documentation – Custom Exporting allows you to build and run custom
     spreadsheets with that data you want to see.
3. Support Resources: You're never on your own with Redtail. Anytime you need help you can reach out to the Redtail team for any questions or struggles you may be having.
Training Info
     1. Recorded Webinars – The backbone of our training, every Continuing Education webinar we run is
     recorded and posted for quick viewing at your own convenience.
Support Info
     1. Resources Video – You’re never alone! Reach out to Redtail in a variety of ways to get your questions
     3. Submit a Help Ticket – Quickly and easily get a question to our Support team and get a fast response!
     4. 800.206.5030 option 3

4. Live Webinar Schedule Link: Redtail always offers live webinars to keep you updated on the new tools and teach you about some old ones you might not be aware of!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at

800.206.5030 option 2 for Sales
800.206.5030 option 3 for Support.

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