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When logging into your database, the default login page is your Today page (which is otherwise accessible by clicking Today from your Left Menu Bar: 


There are several sections to this page.  Here we'll take a look at the Things to do today section:  


 In the top right corner of this section, you'll see 4 buttons:

The first two will take you to your Today — Activities tab, filtered by whichever of those timeframes you clicked.

The third one, "activity options," is only available if you've selected one or multiple activities from your list of "Things to do today." If you have, you'll see the below when clicking it:


Using these options, you can 1) complete all the selected activities, 2) reassign all the selected activities to another database user, 3) reschedule all the selected activities to a date and time of your choosing, or 4) delete all the selected activities.

The add activity button will allow you to create a new Activity.

Note as well that beneath your items for today that you can filter to view your "past due" or "upcoming items":


Clicking these will take you to your Today — Activities tab, filtered according to which of these options you click. 

"Things to do today" Columns

Now we'll take a look at the columns displayed within this area: 


Note that to sort your currently displayed activities by that particular column's data you just need to click that column header. 

We'll look at each of these  columns below:  

Selection Column


Use this column to select one or multiple Activities to work with. Or, select the very top box here to select/deselect All activities. 

Actions Menu


  • Edit will bring up the Activity's Details, where you can make multiple edits if necessary.
  • Complete will allow you to mark the Activity complete.
  • Reschedule will allow you to change the scheduled date/time for the activity.
  • Rollover will allow you to reschedule the activity to today's date.
  • Timeline will display a history of updates to the Activity.
  • Delete will remove the Activity from your database. 

Activity Date


 This column displays the date of the Activity (or in this case, the time, since all activities here will be scheduled for Today. 

Activity Subject


This column displays the Activity's name. Clicking the Subject line will take you to the Activity Details, where you can review or make any necessary edits. 

Activity Type


This column displays the Activity Type

Importance and Priority


If you give an Activity a Priority or a level of Importance, these will display in these two columns. Note: Activities with an Importance of High will display a red exclamation mark and those with an Importance of Low will display a blue arrow pointing down. Activities can be assigned a Priority of 1-6. 

Assigned To

This column displays Linked Attendees. If more than one (as in the "3 users" example above), you can click to see those Linked Attendees. 


If the Activity has a Linked Contact, that contact's name will be displayed here. Clicking the contact's name will take you to their Contact Overview page.   



This column displays the location of the Activity, if that information has been entered for the Activity. 



This column displays the Activity's Category, which can be selected during creation or editing of an Activity.

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