Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting

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Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting

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Strategic Partner

Brief description of services:

Stephanie Dannebaum Consulting is a full-service consulting firm with the resources and experience of Redtail CRM to successfully implement best practices, customized processes, and enhanced data for Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firms to achieve time efficiency and a seamless client experience. They offer project based arrangements with no minimum hours required. Their goal is to help Registered Investment Advisory Firms (RIA) with implementation, no matter how small the project.


Types of advisors they work with
There are two types of firms they currently work with. They are outlined below. The typical firm size they work with ranges from 1 - 6 Advisors and up to 500 Households. 
Type 1: New Redtail Users needing help with implementation of their procedures. 
Registered Investment Advisory firms with documented procedures (in Word, Excel, or similar format) looking to outsource the implementation of those procedures into Redtail CRM by building out appropriate features (Examples include: Activity, Note, Workflow Templates, Database lists, etc.).  
Type 2: Seasoned Redtail Users looking to take their Redtail CRM to the next level
Registered Investment Advisory firms looking to not only enhance their current templates and data points, but also receive best practices as they grow their business.


Types of advisors they do not work with
They currently do not offer process development services, only implementation services into Redtail CRM. At this time, the type of advisors they do not work with are larger firms ($500MM+ AUM), due to the complexity of the database and number of Households. 


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