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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration: 

In order to set up the Moxo - Redtail CRM data sync integration, contact your Moxo customer success manager to get the integration enabled for your Moxo org.

Once enabled, the integration can be set up from your Moxo admin portal under the “Connectors” section.

To set up the connector, you simply need to provide your Redtail credentials for Moxo to connect to your Redtail environment and specify a time for the daily sync to take place:




Integration functionality:

Moxo provides client interaction portals for financial advisors to streamline their client interactions, from client onboarding to servicing, and exception handling. Financial advisors can interact with their clients with secure messaging, gather approvals, exchange documents, achieve project milestones, and more.

The Moxo Redtail Connector syncs all Moxo interactions with a client back to the corresponding client record in your Redtail CRM:



With this connector, any Moxo interactions with a client will be logged once a day as a user activity under their contact record in Redtail.

Moxo serves as an extension of your Redtail CRM, as a front office client interaction portal that syncs data directly back to your Redtail CRM.



Moxo resources:



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