Building Your Tech Stack - HealthPilot - How Medicare Changes Your Financial Planning Conversation [38:01]

Partner_webinars.jpgHow Medicare Changes Your Financial Planning Conversation

With Healthpilot’s integration in Redtail, find out how your clients’ Medicare plans can change your conversations about their financial plans. Healthpilot’s Shannon Granahan talks about Medicare and the impact the right (or wrong) plan can have on healthcare costs during retirement.

You’ll learn why you want to make Medicare part of your financial planning conversations, when to bring it up, and how your clients can use Healthpilot’s free online platform to find an unbiased Medicare plan recommendation tailored for their needs. Healthpilot is a free digital platform that helps your clients navigate the complexities of Medicare by finding a plan based on their healthcare needs and helping them enroll online in a few minutes.

Healthpilot’s unbiased, accurate recommendations can provide your clients the reassurance that the plan they choose is the right one for their health and financial goals.

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