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Integration Type:

Flow Meeting Platform

Setting up the integration:

Setup of the Integration between Econiq and Redtail is configured by the technical team at Econiq. You can reach out to Econiq to begin the setup process. Once the integration has been configured for your account, you'll be presented with a one-time login authentication on the Econiq side, where you'll enter your Redtail CRM username and password:




Integration functionality:

Econiq works with 3 main areas within the Redtail environment: Contacts, Activities & Notes. All integration is real time as you use the Econiq Flow Meeting platform. Data is both pulled from and pushed to Redtail.


A new contact can be seamlessly created when starting a meeting with Econiq. An email and full name are required for creating a basic contact.

Econiq allows you to search for a contact and execute an unscheduled meeting with that contact. Users can verify contact data during a meeting and seamlessly update that contact data in Redtail.





Tasks/Meetings/Appointments/Custom Activities
Econiq can read and display upcoming meetings for you. Econiq can also link meetings scheduled in Redtail CRM with specific meeting categories in Econiq. You can directly launch a specific meeting category in Econiq from the schedule provided.




You can create follow-up meetings and tasks for a contact with one click of a button. You can also configure a brick within their meeting that will automatically create a task in Redtail with the configured settings.




Further, you can action existing tasks and mark them as completed or reschedule tasks/meetings.





Econiq seamlessly and automatically creates a note in Redtail at the completion point of an Econiq Meeting. That note contains a summary of all discussion points discussed in the meeting.




Econiq resources:



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