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Atlas Point

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Advisor Tools

Setting up the integration:

To establish the integration between Redtail CRM and Atlas Point, use the “My Account” menu in the top right of your Atlas Point account and navigate to “Profile.” In addition to updating your personal information, you can connect to partner integrations there as well. Simply enter your Redtail username and password there and click the "Connect" button to get things set up:




Integration functionality:

Atlas Point’s integration with Redtail puts your Financial Virtues™ responses at your fingertips inside the Redtail application. After each completed survey response, Atlas Point’s integration assigns tag groups, creates a note, and populates the contact card with the Financial Professional report for each matched contact.

NOTE: Contacts are matched based on the name and primary email entered in Redtail and their Financial Virtues™ survey response.

Tag Groups

When you first connect your Atlas Point and Redtail accounts, Atlas Point will create 22 tag groups in your Redtail account. There will be four tag groups for each of the Bulls – Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Blue – and 18 tag groups that match the 18 behavioral biases reviewed in the survey:




After each survey response, the Atlas Point integration will search for respondents in your connected account and associate the contact with the appropriate tag groups – both their Bull persona and potential blind spots – based on the completed survey response.

This allows Redtail users the ability to filter contacts based on a particular Bull color or specific bias for more targeted and segmented communication:




Contact Card

After a Financial Virtues™ survey is completed, the Redtail integration also creates an entry with the respondent’s Bull color and a link to the contact’s Financial Professional report in the contact’s card providing a quick reference for Financial Professionals and their teams:





In addition, the integration creates a note in the contact record. This note indicates the respondent’s name, time, and date that the individual completed the Financial Virtues™ survey, and links to both the client and financial professional versions of the Financial Virtues™ results:



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